Small Groups

Small groups are an important part of our church life.  As the name suggests, these are small groups of people who meet during the week in someones home, at a coffee shop, or a local community centre. RRAC small groups are designed so three important things can happen:

  • bible studyphoto
  • prayer
  • sharing of our lives together.

It is a great way to get to know other people at church, to get to know the Bible better, and to ask your questions. You don’t have to know lots, and you don’t have to read or pray out loud if you don’t want to.

Evening groups

We have evening groups running on different nights during the week.  Nearly all members work or study full time, so the groups have fixed start and finish times.  These are great places to gain insights from young people, older people, new Christians and wise heads—all in a friendly atmosphere where everyone is free to ask their questions.

Women’s group

A daytime women’s group meets during the week that is both baby and toddler friendly. There is a creche program that runs so that everyone can have quality group time.

Blokes Group

A blokes group meets at a local coffee shop every fortnight. To make it easier to attend, this group meets before work for a coffee, a chat over the bible, and prayer.

More information

More information is available from the service leader at church or please use the contact details found on the contact page.

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